Dubai World Cup- Winning Best Hat

Dubai World Cup

So a fantastic day was had for Ana Bella Millinery at the Dubai World Cup 2016. Not only did ABM win last years most Elegant Lady 2015, she followed it up by winning this years 2016 Best Hat at the Dubai World cup and also designing the winning millinery for La-toyah Asha from Sydney Australia.

Dubai World Cup, the Jaguar Style Stakes day, is a fantastic day of fashion and style awards. There are a few categories:

Mens best dressed, couples best dressed, Best hat and the Best dressed lady. 

The weather is always lovely, and sunny, which I love. The racing itself is held later in the day, starting at 4pm so the heat doesn't bother the horses.

Even if you are just visiting for the World Cup, I would really advise spending some time in Dubai. It is a really fun and vibrant place to visit as well., Meydan hotel which the racetrack is wrapped around is pretty spectacular in itself. 

When you think about fashion and Dubai, you would think it is quite strict and covered up. But, actually, it is like a normal fashion racing event, you see all sorts of things, some that you really wish you hadn't....haha!  but generally what is acceptable is covered shoulders, modest dress length, and not showing much cleavage. Generally you are safe if you wear a top that covers your cleavage totally.  Luckily in Dubai they are quite used to tourists. And the Dubai world cup is very welcoming to western culture, and are very warm and welcoming people.

Winning Best Hat:

I was chosen among 600 other contestants in Dubai for winning Best hat by 4 judges. 1 judge from London, 1 from Australia, a fashion stylist from Dubai and a menswear designer from Dubai. 

I was thrilled to make it to the top ten finalists, and then when my number was called out, it shook me to the bone, and my friends and I screamed. I think I almost jumped over the edge to get on the stage.... to receive my award.... I couldn't believe it,

The design process for my rose gold Mirror Millinery piece took about a week. Since I have already designed this piece before, in silver for the Melbourne Cup, I was quicker at making it a second time around.

The design process for La-toyah's Millnery took a while. A dress was made by Judith Penak Couture and we had to wait while it was all finished to know- what was going to work with the dress. So two weeks before Dubai, the dress was done and photos were sent to London, a general idea of color and style was made. Cutting it fine!

The result was La-toyah winning runner up best dressed lady wearing Ana Bella Millinery over 600 other contestants. She looked absolutely stunning. Well done La-toyah. The millinery was a white/cream lace brim with a classic style hand blocked parsisle hat base. La-toyah teamed her outfit with Rose gold accessories and hwit lace gloves. The look was a vintage modern.